The charitable organization “Children of Chernobyl for Survival”Solomenskiy district was officially registered and runs from February 12, 1996.

The Foundation was organized to assist, strengthen children’s health, maternity protection, aid to large and poor families, children – orphans and semi.

The charitable organization “Children of Chernobyl for Survival” Solomyansky district.   Kyiv is a non-profit organization and has financial support from the state.

Our organization has more than 170 children from families that have been eliminated from the zone of the Chernobyl NPP malozabezpechynyh of families, children – orphans and children – disabled.

The organization has been operating for over 20 years. During this time we gave humonitarnu care products for these families and children, organized the festival, organized groups targeted naprvlen and so on.

Today, our organization provides training on children Liptsy of polymer clay and clay, painting, embroidery, ribbons, where we try to implement the following describes the work with the children. All classes are free.

In general socio – economic situation in our country is on the verge of disaster for the least zahyschynyh population. People living in conditions of poverty and backward country. Our children are more impressive social pit and they find themselves on the streets, where children’s vulnerability surrounded by crime, drugs, violence and so on. Children exposed to mind easily and in such conditions easily molded man with some moral principles and world views inherent in the lowest layers of society.

Working with children and their parents showed that they were in desperate need not only gifts, but also of setting where children can attend classes of interest, interact with peers outside vuletseyu, learn something new with the teachers of the center, who can professionally send a child to true path. So we decided to embark on a new direction in the work of our organization, which would help:

  • pick up children from the streets;
  • samorealizuvaty children;
  • discover new abilities;
  • learn something new;
  • teach children kindness to other people;
  • teach to help others;
  • direct them to the new reality, cheerful and good for them the world;
  • teach children to love for others and the world.

Also, the objectives of this event are sending abilities of children new experiences in the ocean where the child feels confident, purposeful, where the child begins to understand himself, his inner world, the world of adults, in which she will go full of strength and capacity. Also, bring children to work with natural materials, which will be an opportunity to shine nature in general. And one of the most important goals of the center is to pick up children from the streets.
This center is designed for children aged 6 to 16 years. All classes will be held for children free of charge. The work of social – rehabilitation center designed to attract experienced teachers and young people – volunteers interested and teach children according to the principles of our organization. To work with the children to begin to be involved:

  • Psychologist
  • Teacher of English (and possibly also other languages)
  • Teacher on Liptsy
  • Teacher for embroidery
  • Teacher drawing
  • Teacher of acting
  • And other teachers, depending on the capabilities of the center.

Center provides children the opportunity to visit general educational, recreational, developmental institutions such as museums, theaters, cinemas, walks and trips to nature and such others. On account of the project plan and cost estimate, please contact the management of the organization. Generally the leadership of our organization is open to new initiatives indifferent to our business people.
If you read these terms a person who is not indifferent to the direction of youth, you may contact the president or vice president of the organization in the Contacts section, to bring to our work.